about We are a recognized exporter & supplier of Assorted Indian Fresh Fruits & Vegetables by Air & Sea. This range is usually sent by Air or sea to close destination. Primarily clients are small super markets who cater to primarily an Indian audience. You can trust us with delivering the best of Indian vegetables and assorted fruits by Air and sea to you. The fruits offered are well sorted & of the right quality, temperature protocols are maintained so that they reach you in the very best condition.

Our range include

Assorted fruits

  Sapota (Chikoo)   3 Kg, 5 Kg Cartons
  Papaya   5 Kg, 7 Kg Cartons
  Pineapple   6pcs/Box
  Jujube   5Kg Cartons
  Custard apple(Cherimoya)   2.5 Kg, 3 Kg Cartons
  Guava   5 Kg, 7 Kg Cartons

Assorted vegetables

  Ladies Finger (Okhra)   5 Kg Cartons
  Bitter Gourd (Karela)   5 Kg Cartons
  Snake Gourd (Padwal)   5 Kg Cartons
  Drum Stick   5/10 Kg Cartons
  Yam (Suran)   10 Kg Cartons
  Red Small Onion   10 Kg Cartons
  Curry Leaves   4 Kg Cartons
  Green Chillies   5 Kg Cartons
  Red Kand   10 Kg Cartons
  Dudhi (Bottle Gourd)   10 Kg Cartons
  Lima Beans   10 Kg Cartons
  Tendli (Gherkins)   net packing
  Brinjal (Ravaya)   5 Kg Cartons
  Turmeric   5 Kg Cartons
  Ridge Gourd(Todka)   5 Kg Cartons
  French Beans   5 Kg Cartons
  Gawar   5 Kg Cartons
  Banana Flower   10 Kg Cartons
  Kola   10 Kg Cartons
  Wood Apple   10 Kg Cartons
  Awala(Gooseberry)   10 Kg Cartons
  Ginger   5/10 net packing
  Cauliflower   5/10 net packing
  Capsicum   5/10 net packing
  Pumpkins(Bhopala)   In Sacks
  Ginger   5 Kg Cartons
  Arvi   5 Kg Cartons
  Alu Pan(Taro Leaves)   3 Kg Cartons
 Why Choose Us
› Majority of produce we export are Global gap certified packed in Haccp certified units ensuring full traceability and GMP for most products.

› We have over 15 years experience in the Indian food sector

› Company is lead by a young, qualified and enlightened management.

› The Company extensively contributes to Social responsibility initiatives in the education and abject poverty sector.

› We envision and high growth phase in the next 5 years.
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