about Pomegranates from Deccan Produce
Over the year Pomegranates are seeing a rediscovery & resurgence in the fruit basket. With a history that goes back thousands of years Indic & Eastern cultures have long recognized the health benefits of Pomegranates.

Bhagwa is a premium Pomegranate variety from India. The Deep Red arils & the pleasing Red but rugged skin enhances the appearance whilst promoting shelf life of the fruit. The Fruit is ahead of the Wonderful variety in looks & arils quality & in external appearance as it is free from trips & black spots.

We export the Indian Pomegranate to the world, we good availability throughout the year, except May, June when the appearance of pomegranates gets a little jaded due to the Summer season heat, Indian pomegranates are the health supplement for every individual.

Specification for Pomegranate

  Variety   BHAGWA
  Packing   Net weight of carton : 3.5kgs
  Loadability   4400 cartons per container
  20 pallets with 220 cartons per pallet
  Counts   9 Numbers packed per carton: 350-400gms
  12 Numbers packed per carton: 275-325gms
  15 Numbers packed per carton: 225-275gms
 Why Choose Us
› Majority of produce we export are Global gap certified packed in Haccp certified units ensuring full traceability and GMP for most products.

› We have over 15 years experience in the Indian food sector

› Company is lead by a young, qualified and enlightened management.

› The Company extensively contributes to Social responsibility initiatives in the education and abject poverty sector.

› We envision and high growth phase in the next 5 years.
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