about CAPSICUM: Capsicum from Deccan Produce
Delicious Bell Pepper, a famous member of capsicum family. We export dark red, yellow & green capsicum that are fresh & have a distinct raw flavor. Bell pepper is grown in contract farming with farmers in hygienic condition in green house, sorted in pack houses & further distributed to our clients. Capsicum can be stored at room temperature, can be fried, sautéed, pureed, roasted, baked or grilled. We export bell pepper to the Middle East & South East Asia both by Air & Sea.

  Varieties   Red, Yellow , Green
  Diameter   8 - 9 cm
  Size   150gm and up/pc
  Shape   Three room and Four room
  Pack size   5 Kg/ctn, 10 Kg/ctn,
  5 Kg packing : 24 -30pcs/carton,
  160 – 210gm/piece
Throughout the year

about ONION: Onion from Deccan Produce
India is one of the largest growers on onions in Asia; we have now emerged as the foremost exporters of Onions to Far East and Russia. Onions sourced from regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka are exported to ensure all round reliability of supple. Indian onions are pungent and well liked. We export in export quality mesh bags packing.

  Varieties   Red Onions, White Onions
  Sizes   30-45mm
  65- & above
  Packing   5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg Mesh Bags
  Loadability   12.5 MT per 20’ Container
  28 MT per 40’ container

about TOMATO: Tomato from Deccan Produce
We export Tomatoes primarily to the Middle East destinations from the Maharashtra. Luscious Fresh Tomatoes, well-formed & firm with a smooth, shiny surface are hand-picked in their mature, half ripe stage, so as to reach the final destination safely.

  Color   Red
  Size   5-7 cm diameter
  Packaging   8 Kg Net Carton
  Loadability   2950 Cartons per 40’Container

about COCONUT: Coconut from Deccan Produce
South India is primarily Coconut country; Indian coconuts are largely used for cooking and oil extraction. We now export coconuts to as far as Canada. The Semi husked coconut is rusty brown and covered with hairy brown fibers, the thick fibrous husk of the coconut encases an inner shell. A layer of somewhat dry white meat lines the interior shell and holds liquid called coconut water. Offering a distinct flavor all of its own, it has a nutty almost candy-like sweetness with the popularity of the curry demand for coconut is expected to rise.

Trust us to be your reliable partner in get the very best of this Indian vegetable for you.

  Origin   SOUTH INDIA
  Size   13” Inch & above
  Weight   Ave. 500-600gms, Ave. 600-700gms
  Packaging   PP Bag/ Coir Bag
  Estimate   25 Nut/Bag
  Weight   15-17.5 Kg/Bag
  Loadability   1200 Bags Into One 40’ Container

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› Majority of produce we export are Global gap certified packed in Haccp certified units ensuring full traceability and GMP for most products.

› We have over 15 years experience in the Indian food sector

› Company is lead by a young, qualified and enlightened management.

› The Company extensively contributes to Social responsibility initiatives in the education and abject poverty sector.

› We envision and high growth phase in the next 5 years.
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